Emu Fever 


Emu Oil Fever!

If you’ve never tried emu oil, you're in for a treat! Many who try this exotic oil are catching the emu oil fever! There are many oils and skin care products on the market these days, and the effectiveness varies. Emu oil is a an effect treatment for both skin and deep tissue wellness.


If you've ever been to the Australian outback, the emu is no stranger to you. This large non-flying bird has been used by the Aborigines for thousands of years as a part of their health regime. Emu oil can be used to ease pain and relieve aching muscles. It’s been used for headache pain, swelling and inflammation.

How can Emu oil be used in our western cultures? Here are a few of the many conditions that emu oil has been used for relief and remedy: fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions; bursitis and tendonitis; neuralgia; rheumatism.

Emu oil can ease the pain of strains and sprains, and other sports-related injuries.

Skin conditions can be improved by using emu oil as well. Do you have acne problems? Acne is not just a teen problem, many adults continue to suffer with acne breakouts. Dry, cracking skin will improve by using emu oil on hands and feet. You can use emu oil on bruised skin as well! Eczema and other skin breakouts have responded well to use of emu oil to relieve and alleviate itching and discomfort.

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