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Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

Author: Charlene Sim

From time to time, your body\'s skin might literally be stretched to the limit. This can be due to pregnancy or gaining a lot of weight very quickly. When the limits are reached, your skin will begin to show signs of small tears. These in turn will become stretch marks.


They\'re certainly not very easy to get rid of. However, if you\'ve decided you want to eliminate your stretch marks, you have a few choices to look into.

Many people simply go to the store to purchase a stretch mark cream. They usually don\'t consult a dermatologist to find the best means of effective stretch mark removal. If they did so, they would discover that there are more choices than just a cream or lotion.

One means of helping you to eliminate those ugly lines is through a plastic surgery procedure. Another option is laser surgery, which can be performed without having to be admitted to a hospital or clinic. This procedure doesn\'t involve very much time to recover from, and it\'s considered to be highly effective.

However, a lot of people aren\'t able to handle the high cost of treatments such as plastic surgery and laser surgery. They\'re not cheap. If that\'s the case, creams and lotions are a much less expensive treatment choice to get rid of stretch marks.

These creams and lotions are formulated to repair a component of your skin known as elastin, which is a fiber that keeps the skin firm. As well, they stimulate your body\'s collagen production which results in skin that\'s less stretched out. In the end, your stretch marks should be much less noticeable, if not invisible.

However, you must be prepared to experience some side effects, including red and swollen skin. Read the directions thoroughly before using these products, and don\'t overdo the application. If you don\'t, it can result in stinging and irritation to your skin.

There are numerous formulations available when it comes to stretch mark creams and lotions. Some people consider the most effective products to be those that contain cocoa butter or emu oil. Other popular ingredients are Vitamins E and C. These might be gentler on the skin than some other products.

It\'s important that you be aware that each person responds differently to the various stretch mark removal treatments. Results are never 100 percent guaranteed with anymethod.

Stretch marks can impact anyone, male or female, through weight gain, pregnancy and bodybuilding. Learn more about the options for treating this condition at Get Rid of Stretch Marks: Tips to Prevent and Treat Stretch Marks.

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