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Arthritis Pain and Emu Oil

Arthritis pain can be debilitating, affecting our mobility and activities. Millions have gone into the study and treatment of arthritis and other rheumatoid conditions.

For thousands of years the Aborigines in Australia have been using Emu oil to eliminate the pain of arthritis, bringing relief to inflamed joints. For the millions of arthritis suffers worldwide it may be of interest to know that arthritis is mainly absent in the Aboriginal tribe communities. Does Emu oil eliminate the pain and suffering caused by arthritis? Can this topically applied exotic oil reduce the inflammation that plagues so many?


Dr. Peter Ghosh and Dr. Michael Whitehouse conducted research into the use of Emu oil for treatment of arthritis inflammation and pain. Dr. Ghosh, director of a research laboratory at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, Australia, has been researching arthritis for over 4 decades. It is through the findings of these research projects that Emu oil has been recognized, by the Australia government, as a treatment for arthritis, containing a type of anti-inflammatory agent.

In the study, "The Anti-Arthritic Activity of Emu Oil", this research showed great evidence that Emu oil has therapeutic value. This scientific evidence greatly supports the findings that the Aboriginal Tribes have known for thousands of years. Emu oil has been confirmed to provide relief for arthritis sufferers.

These studies showed 100% reduction in arthritis pain in only 14 days, and 100% reduction in swelling in only 17 days.

Emu oil has no side effect, unlike many of the topical and oral treatments found today. It is possible or arthritis sufferers to find relief and reduction of the swelling, improving their outlook on life.

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